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Where does EMPERIQ come from?

Creating a company can be difficult depending on what type of business it is.  Some of the hardest types of companies to set up and maintain are those involved in any type of banking or financing.  The amount of paperwork, background checks, Government qualifications, and education requirements can be overwhelming.  However, that didn’t deter us from bringing you Emperiq Financial, your leader in the mortgage broker and lending arena.   As we thought of all the things that could define Emperiq we wanted to choose a name that would represent the core beliefs of our company. 


“EMPERIQ” is a name that comes from 2 different words.  The Latin word Imperiosus which means: Commanding, Powerful, and Mighty.  And the other is “IQ” Simply put, it means intelligence.  We know that to lead in business we must be smart in the way we do business and the products we offer, and we must be ready to be powerful in the way we grow.

We will continue to challenge the current standard of mortgage lending to create a better, quicker, and more complete process for each individual.  We provide only the best because we have chosen from day one to partner ourselves with only the best.


Our Mission statement here at Emperiq is BE THE BEST, and by following that principle in everything we do we can be confident in our relationships with our clients and above that, we can be happy knowing we really are IMPROVING THE LIVES OF EVERYONE WE MEET. 

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