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Michael Cox - President / Principal Broker

Direct Contact: 801-808-6269

NMLS #287951

Welcome to Emperiq


It is my great pleasure to greet you as the president of Emperiq Financial.  For over a decade I have had the wonderful opportunity of being able to help hundreds of families achieve their dream of affordable home ownership.  During those years I have had the ability to meet some of the greatest people life has to offer.  I have also had the best business partners that have understood the principle that you cannot climb to the top by stepping on those below you.  I have worked with people from all over the industry and learned from those who truly care about people and not just a paycheck.  It is with that same attitude and determination that we have created Emperiq Financial. 


It would be nice to promise that everything will be perfect at Emperiq but we all know that is wishful thinking.  What I can promise is that everyone involved with this company will understand our purpose of providing the best anyone has to offer.  I expect to give the very highest version of myself to each person that trusts Emperiq to take care of what is most important to them and their families.  I believe what most people are searching for is not necessarily perfection, but honesty and integrity in the way they conduct themselves in business.  If anyone at Emperiq, whether they be an employee, affiliate, or direct partner (including myself), ever fails to meet your expectations; I personally invite you to contact me directly so I can do everything possible to remedy the situation.  Remember, I want to give you the best, and for that I value your feedback and criticism more than anything else.   People are what drive us; not pride.  I would also encourage you to express when someone goes above and beyond the norm to make your situation better, and puts extra effort in your experience.  This way we can make sure they are being praised at the highest level for upholding the standards of Emperiq.


I hold the greatest respect for those who have given so much of their time, ideas, money, and care to make Emperiq a reality.  I look forward to seeing you all and working with you and your families every day.  

On behalf of Emperiq, myself, and my family and all who are part of our team…... Thank You


-Mike Cox-

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