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Disclaimer and Legal


Emperiq Financial is an Equal Housing Lender and an Equal Opportunity Employer meaning we do not discriminate on the basis of Race, Religion, National Origin, Sex, Marital Status, Age, and Ethnicity. Emperiq Financial does NOT discriminate on the basis of Sexual or Gender Orientation. Emperiq treats every individual with the highest respect regardless any of the aforementioned charateristics. Emperiq Financial complies with all Local, State, and Federal laws governing the lending and brokering process including but not limited to; RESPA, FTC, FCRA, ECOA, HMDA, FHA, NMLS, and any and all others duly appointed by the governing legislative body.


Emperiq Financial is considered a broker by industry definition and all loans are property of the respective lenders.  Emperiq Financial does not make fradulent representations to its lenders in order to secure financing.  Emperiq Financial reports ALL fradulent activity to the governing authortiy for prosecution and has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for deliberate misreprentation of a borrower's income, assets, credit profile, and overall ability to repay. 


Emperiq Financial is NOT a Real Estate Agency and no advertisement, phrase, webpage, or marketing medium, expressly written or implied, by Emperiq, its officers, agents, or employees should be interpreted as a negotiation for the sale or the terms of sale of a Real Estate transaction.  Any negotiations for Real Estate or the terms of Sale of Real Estate are to be performed by persons duly licensed or authorized by the legal governing body and under the authority of the proper Real Estate Principal Broker licensure.


No statement found herein should be interpreted as a committment to lend.  All lending committments are disclosed based on applicable law including the proper disclosure of rates, fees, terms, loan amounts, Good Faith Estimates, and Underwriting findings.  All rates, fees, and APR's are subject to change at any time without notice. 


Emperiq Financial LLC

NMLS #819900


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