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Direct Line: 801-310-7865
NMLS: 1187386

Lance Archibald

Loan Officer - Team Lead


Lance and his wife Azura were married in 2008 and have 5 kids. Their oldest daughter Aria was born in August of 2010 and their youngest daughter Cumorah was born in May of 2017, less than 7 years apart! They moved to southern Utah in 2017 and love the St. George area. Lance enjoys playing basketball and flag football every week with his close friends.

After years of working in the industry, Lance joined Emperiq Financial in November of 2016. When he was asked why he joined Emperiq he said: "I loved my previous company, but I didn't know what I was missing out on until I had a conversation with Mike about Emperiq. It has been every bit as good as advertised, and I have seen an immediate difference in the number of clients I have been able to help."


"The real estate agents that I work with are just as excited as I am about my move to Emperiq. They like that my closing costs are lower, the buying experience is faster and smoother for them and their clients, and that I have more programs and products available to help more of their prospects become buyers."


When Lance was asked why he is in the mortgage industry he replied: "I love helping people with the biggest purchase of their life. In so many other industries sales people have to try to talk their clients into caring about their product, I have never had to talk somebody into caring about buying a home." 

Lance's expertise and positive attitude provide a superior experience for everyone he works with.  

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