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Located in West Jordan Utah, Emperiq started in August of 2011 with one goal in mind:  To bring the very best lenders from across the country into one place for our clients.  Emperiq only partners with the very top lenders who are dedicated to providing the best products, pricing, and services, regardless of which way the industry sways.   Emperiq wants to deliver the best, and we know in order to accomplish that, we must be brokered with only the best.  Only the companies that choose to challenge the status quo in lending and choose to lead the industry make it on our approved lender list. 


Here at Emperiq we believe the ability to have access to the best lenders and products across the country are the key to being able to lead in this industry.  Not just for today, but more importantly, for tomorrow.  Our ability to analyze each individual client and their unique situations, and then match them with the broad range of products that serve their needs the best, is what makes Emperiq stand out from the standard banking models we have learned.  This is what makes Emperiq so valuable to you.


In order to make sure everyone is working as hard as they can and as quick as they can for you, Emperiq makes sure everyone who works with us is compensated based on performance, and not on how many hours they sit, and especially NOT on how much they charge. During the loan process you may see emails and conversations happening late at night, early in the morning, or even weekends. Here at Emperiq we all understand that waiting for a day or two to get things done can put everyone involved behind schedule. In Real Estate, time is of the essence, waiting for things to get done is not how a client at Emperiq will ever be treated.


Emperiq also trains all of its employees, partners, and affiliates on how to stay on the leading edge of our business.  Making sure you, the client, are always getting the best.   As you experience Emperiq, we encourage you to share the great experiences you have so we can be introduced to the people that matter to you most.  After all, it’s people that matter most to us too.


Come find your place with Emperiq.







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